why christ lutheran?

Our Purpose

Connecting People to Jesus

Our Mission

Partnering with parents to educate the whole child spiritually, academically, emotionally and physically in a Christ-centered environment.

Our Vision

Nurturing Knights for Christ who SERVE and are:
Successful Learners
Emotionally Secure
Responsible Citizens
Vibrant Believers
Engaged Physically

Supporting The Whole Child

  • We equip our students with a Biblical Worldview for a deeper love and understanding of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • We provide Active Learning Environments, where teachers develop innovative solutions to create a more flexible, dynamic and individualized learning environment for their students.

  • Student Leadership opportunities to develop and exhibit Christian character traits.

  • We have an immersive S.T.E.A.M. program in middle school, as well as being integrated throughout the existing curriculum (preschool through 5th grade).

  • Triannual Computer Adaptive Testing (MAP Testing): Computer-based assessment with timely and easily interpreted data (Kindergarten-8th grade). MAP testing assesses Math, Language Arts, and Science (Fall, Winter, Spring).

  • After school enrichment programs: One-on-One Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Jiu-Jitsu, Soccer, Dance, Egghead Science, Lego Engineering, Robotics, Chess, Spanish Conversation Club and much more

  • Middle School Performing Arts: Students have the choice to participate in Handbells,  Choir or Chapel Band.

  • Competitive Sports program, boys, and girls (5th-8th)

  • Physical Education: PE Instruction two times per week (K-4th). Athletics and PE (5th-8th)

  • Art: Kindergarten - 8th grade
  • Music: Kindergarten - 5th grade

Partnering with parents

  • We are a strong and inclusive Christian tradition that will give your child tools for life, whether or not you and your family participates in a faith community.
  • Before and after school care program, summer enrichment camp, and holiday care to help you balance work and family.
  • Our Student Success Resource program is integral in meeting the diverse needs of our students. We have an experienced teacher working with students with unique learning or social-emotional needs. She partners with parents and teachers to create and implement individualized learning plans to help children succeed in school.
  • We are a Common Sense Media Certified School. CSM is an organization dedicated to helping families and schools train students to make good decisions and stay safe when using technology. We are committed to continuing our safety-based technology program.
  • Our Technology: iPad Minis (K-2nd), Chromebooks (3rd-8th), and Large Display Screens integrated into classroom learning.
  • Our Curriculum is reviewed, aligned with state and national standards, and updated on a regular basis.
  • “At Christ Lutheran, our children are in a safe environment where they can make mistakes, take chances and risks. They can learn and not be bullied or intimidated. They can even speak the word of Christ in everything that they do.”

    Russ Hunton, Parent

  • “We brought our youngest to Christ Lutheran in pre-K, after he finished preschool. He was so quiet and reserved, and a little bit unsure of himself coming into the school, and within the first year of him being here, he blossomed. He was outgoing. He was chatty. He was curious. He was all the things that I hoped he would be, so it was a no-brainer to keep him here for Kindergarten.”

    Nancy Hamm, Parent
  • “Part of why we eventually chose Christ Lutheran was that in today’s society it is so important my children are learning the same values that I am teaching them at home. To have those values continued at school is important to me. I know that at Christ Lutheran those values are the same.”

    Sam Harris, Parent

  • “My wife and I, I think like many people, both of us being working parents we had children, and we thought ‘Now what do I do?’ Once the children met the staff in the preschool, we fell in love with several of the teachers–who were just the greatest. The teachers and staff had all cared for the children in a way that we couldn’t go anywhere else. Now our Grandchildren are at Christ Lutheran.”

    Dave Lenhardt, Parent, Grandparent

  • “One of the priorities of my husband, Jeff and I was to put our children in a place where they can build their confidence by being in a community, and feel a part of that community. The access to knowledge is a given, in our day and age, and one of the blessings that we have by living in the United States. What we don’t have as a given is character building. The children are going to get the academics. We wanted more for them. We wanted a school that would focus on character building, to live a wholesome life. Arts, public speaking, appreciation of the different aspects of culture and a connection to the global community are key for our family. Many years ago when I graduated from 8th grade as a student at Christ Lutheran, I transitioned well to Edison public high school and when the time came to graduate from Edison H.S. the Christ Lutheran group, that had come up with me, was well represented in the top of our graduating class. Four of us were in the top 10% of the graduating class. Overall, I thought that it would be wonderful to bring my children to a place where I had been so blessed to attend.”

    Krista Dawkins, Parent & Alumna

  • "Coming back to Christ Lutheran School to help my teachers and youth leaders brings me joy, because of the significant relationships that I have with them. It is a fun way to spend my day off. Making friends, as a Freshman, at Edison High School has been easy for me. I have relied on what my teachers at Christ Lutheran have taught me about (how to discern) others' core values and interests. Their teaching has helped me to know which people are good for me (in my character development and spiritual growth) and those who are not suitable for me.”

    Ella Fergusen, Alumna

  • "I feel that if I hadn't stayed through 8th-grade at Christ Lutheran, I wouldn't have (developed) the roots that I needed for when I went to public high school. I'm thankful that I came from Christ Lutheran to Edison."

    Ella Fergusen, Alumna

  • "No matter what happens to me in life, I am rooted in my faith, because of the (spiritual) roots that I grew during the nine years that I was at Christ Lutheran School."

    Ella Fergusen, Alumna