The Arts

At Christ Lutheran School, the arts are an essential part of a student’s overall educational experience. They are integrated throughout the curriculum allowing students to have many opportunities for creative expression and discovery of their interests and talents in a supportive environment. The importance of supporting the development of individual creative gifts and talents in each student directly impacts their academic success and confidence. We feel incredibly blessed that we can offer so much in the arts and showcase our student’s gifts and talents. 

We support programs for our emerging musicians and artists.  Students may perform in a variety of ways, including Concert Band, Worship Band, Handbells, individual instruction, and performance opportunities. Students have in-class Music History, Theory, and Appreciation programs. We require all students to participate in Choir. Some Choir groups require entrance approval based on experience. Our students also perform in theatrical performances throughout the year, showing off their drama and acting skills. Classes will showcase their talents during weekly chapels, Winter and Spring Musicals, Talent Show, and more. 

We believe that every child has a God-given ability to be creative. Through a project-based learning approach, students will explore History, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, and much more. Every class has one to two art projects per week.  Through our Art instructor, we provide teaching of the different art media of famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Picasso, Henri Matisse, Georgia O-Keefe and more.  Our students also engage in photography, ceramics, design, film/video editing and historical studies. 
In our after school/summer enrichment programs, students can sign up for even more programs in the arts: Dance for Joy, Fine Arts, Graphic Arts, Guitar, Piano, Culinary Arts and more.