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Athletic Program

Our Athletic Program is an opportunity for all students (Grade 5-8) to discover their gifts and talents. We participate in the Lutheran Orange County Athletic League (LOCAL) which allows our athletes to compete with several Lutheran schools are the area.
Our focus is on positive sportsmanship that reflects the image of Jesus Christ. This involves everyone-coaches, parents, and staff-to emulate and demonstrate Christian concepts to our students.
By placing Jesus at the heart of our athletic program, it allows us to:

  • PROVIDE A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT that allows our students to strive for excellence with a positive, encouraging attitude.
  • DEVELOP LEADERSHIP SKILLS with confidence, ethics, and fair behavior while participating in practice, games, or any other type of athletic event.
  • DEMONSTRATE HUMILITY upon successes, and also be gracious and good-natured when things don’t go “our way.” 

Athletic League Programs (Grade 5-8)

• Flag Football
• Basketball
• Track
• Volleyball
• Basketball
• Track

Additional sports opportunities through our School-Age-Care Program (TK-8)
• One-on-One Basketball
• Tennis
• Jiu-Jitsu
• Soccer
• Golf
• Skateboarding
• Dance
• Volleyball (younger grades)
• Archery